West Coast Market Report


Wild Salmon

  • Sockeye Salmon: Copper River Season set to open Mid-May. Other areas should follow soon after.
  • Coho Salmon:  Season set to open Mid-June. Frozen available now.
  • Troll King Salmon: Some limited amounts expected April from Oregon & Canada. California expecting to open in May.
  • Copper River Salmon: Set to open Mid-May.
  • Gill-net King Salmon:  Set to open Mid-July.
  • Silverbrite/Keta: Set to open Mid-June.

Farmed Salmon

  • Canadian farmed Atlantics prices up due to low inventory/production & high demand.
  • Chilean Atlantic prices are up due to limited number of farms producing.
  • Norwegian Farmed Salmon and also Farmed Norwegian Steehead-Trout is available. Prices staying up due to high and increasing demand.

Dungeness Crabs

  • Season is open Coast Wide but catch is slowing as season approaching close. Expecting prices to increase as fewer fish being landed.

Pacific Pink Shrimp Meat

  • West Coast Season set to open April.


  • Rockfish, True Cod and Soles all showing good availability; subject to weather. Alaskan True Cod still coming in steady.


  • Swordfish landings good but prices are up.


  • Tuna landings steady with fish from various regions.


  • Mahi being offered but prices  higher. Season this year has been very poor. Mexico fishing but catch has been keeping prices high.


  • Pacific Shell Oyster supply is good.

Alaskan/Canadian Halibut

  • Alaskan & Canadian halibut seasons set to open March 11th.

California Halibut

  • Halibut from Southern California /Mexico (Baja) open but limited. Expect this fishery to slow once Alaska & Canadian season opens.