Committed to Quality

With over 35 years in the seafood business, Lusamerica Fish has the supply channels and the expertise to deliver consistent, high quality seafood to its customers. Whether it is fresh or frozen, domestic or imported, we have the sources to meet our customers’ quality requirements.

We believe that the highest economic benefit to us and to our customers comes when we are working with high quality seafood products. Therefore, our ultimate goal, and one we stake our name and reputation on, is to offer the best quality seafood available.

Our extensive history in the seafood business has allowed us to establish long-term relationships with the most reliable seafood suppliers throughout the major seafood producing areas of the world. We have regular and direct contact with all our producers and have worked with them to establish quality standards to meet our customers’ specifications.

Our experienced in-house quality control team is responsible for implementing our strict product specifications and quality guidelines throughout the plant. The QC team also conducts thorough inspections on all incoming products, prior to releasing them for production. Likewise, outgoing orders receive quality audits to ensure accuracy and overall quality. We operate in accordance with established HACCP protocols and have invested heavily in our plants to ensure food safety and quality.

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